DOG, a theater company

Center Portion was the incubator for DOG, a theater company's multi-media piece, Vitrine. The studio space hosted rehearsals beginning in the summer of 2007 when DOG began developing Being Shown as a Work in Process, an exploration of long-standing, two-person relationships that debuted at the 2007 Rhinoceros Theater Festival. Over the next year, Being Shown grew in scope, adding a cast member, a sentient Powerpoint presentation, and an enormous 5 x 5 foot window to become Vitrine. Without the generous support of Center Portion, Vitrine would not have been possible. 

The final production debuted at the 20th Anniversary Rhinoceros Theater Festival in 2009.

Directed by Vicki Walden
Designed by Jason Greenberg
Featuring Kathleen Powers, Debbie Safeblade, and HB Ward

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