German Slam Poets

Wolf Hogekamp, Lars Ruppel, Sebastian 23

We are excited to present these three poets, as they warm up on their way to represent Germany at the 21st Annual National Poetry Slam in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

Along with their work in popularizing poetry through the Poetry Slam, Hogekamp and Ruppel are working on a pilot project to expand the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (APP) to Germany funded by the U.S, Embassy in Berlin. The poets have worked with APP founder Gary Glazner to train over 250 German poets, students, and healthcare workers in using poetry to connect to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. More info here.

Wolf Hogekamp organized the first regular German Poetry Slam in 1997. As a professional video editor he has been instrumental in the creation of poetry clips and using video technology to promote poetry to a wide audience. At 25, Lars Rupple is the youngest professional Slam poet in Germany. He began touring at the age of 16. Sebastian 23, along with Rupple, are in the parody boy group, “Smaat Band.”


Ruppel’s “Kinder,” video has a received respectable 160,000 views on You Tube.

My Generation

Hogekamp has created a English subtitled version of Sebastian 23’s hit, “My Generation.”


For Hogekamp’s “Drogen,”

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