Rhinoceros Theater Festival 20th Anniversary

Curious Theatre Branch

Center Portion’s founder and facilitator, Sheila Donohue, participated in Curious Theater Branch’s acclaimed fringe festival in its early days. She was excited to be part of the 20th anniversary incarnation of the Rhino, and celebrated its triumphant return to the Near Northwest side of Chicago. Center Portion co-produded and hosted a critically-acclaimed series of solo performances that inspired audiences, and included a collection of new poems from Sheila herself. The line-up included these performances:

The Bachelor in New Orleans
adapted & performed by Michael Martin

Incoming and Outgoing
written & performed by Sheila Donohue

Sleepless Child
written & performed by Anne Calcagno

Acts of Negation by Fabulous Beasts
written & performed by Amy England

Regarding Your Perfect Corellate
written & performed by James Owens

New bad-ass fiction about love
written & performed by Teresa Weed

Rhino Dance
performed by Asimina Chremos

Touch It Queen
written & performed by Kelly Anchors

Nowhere But Up
written & performed by Jenny Magnus with special guest appearance by Nora Dunn

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