Jamie O'Reilly Trio

Souvenirs: Cabaret & Curios

The Jamie O'Reilly Trio triumphantly returned to Center Portion, where they played to a full house their last time around.  For the "Souvenirs" cabaret they shared a repertoire of torch songs, gypsy ballads, love songs, and anthems, triggering memory in the way that only music can—of rainy days, slow afternoons, endless summer nights and winter snows. Of gardens and garrets, cafes and subway trains, narrow foreign streets and Sundays in the park. Of lovers and strangers, passion and regret. Of falling in love and saying goodbye.

Sheila Donohue and invited writers shared their latest musings on the allure and mystique of memorabilia, found and saved curios, collections, love letters, other people's grocery lists, photographs and souvenirs. The detritus of life stuffed in cedar chests, saved in scrapbooks, or otherwise hidden away.

The Writers:
Sheila Donohue and invited guests

The Musicians:
Jamie O’Reilly, Vocals
Bob Weber, Cello
Michael Smith, Guitar

"Souvenirs: Cabaret & Curios" featured in the Chicago Tribune

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