The Crooked Mouth

with Jeff Weisfeld Band and Andrew & Casey Calhoun

Fresh from their gig at the Poetry Foundation, The Crooked Mouth returned to Center Portion for two evenings of holiday-ish merriment. For the Halloween show, they shared a new batch of songs, including some from their And The Poet Sang set—poems by Blake, Whitman, Carroll and others set to music. The Crookeds were joined by the joy-bringing Jeff Weisfeld Band as well as hostess Sheila Donohue. Special guests Lizzie Claus and Karlee Cassel also did a quick set. It was a night of many wonders.

a quorum of the Jeff Weisfeld Band

For the December 22nd show, The Crooked Mouth was again joined by the singer/songwriter, father/daughter team of Andrew and Casey Calhoun. We were thrilled to have them back at Center Portion. Sheila Donohoue performed some new holiday-themed writing.

Andrew Calhoun


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