Progressive Logan Square

initiative for arts in public schools

As the state legislature continued to slash funding for arts programs in public school, the activists of Progressive Logan Square decided to take action. Gathering together the neighborhood children (and their corresponding grown-ups) in the Center Portion studios PLS initiated a day of art-making to send a message to state government.

In a party atmosphere complete with live music and excellent food, the kids made block prints that were then sent to the members of congress, asking them to vote against the damaging funding bill. The hope was that if our elected officials held an actual piece of art in hand, made by the children who would be directly affected by this bill, they would see that art is a vital part of any meaningful education system.

Although this bill was successfully thwarted, the war is far from won and arts funding continues to come under attack. We must remain vigilant, and ensure that every child has access to the power and possibility that the arts have to offer.

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