Mayoral Tutorial

Don Washington

The Mayoral Tutorial was a weekly interactive, agitational, informational, educational, satirical town hall meeting hosted by ordinary citizen, Don Washington. For five consecutive Saturdays, audiences were invited to come witness Don discomforting the powerful, taunting the lazy, and dragging political vampires into the sunlight of public scrutiny. He believes that democracy is both a contact sport and a participatory activity.

We asked that you join us and get directly involved in stopping someone from becoming Mayor, helping someone become Mayor, or hounding the media into doing its job. Stop treating democracy like a pop quiz. Get schooled up on the candidates, play some games, and get hip to the media narrative. Pick a Mayor instead of being handed another evil overlord.

To learn more about what went on, visit the official site here: We encourage you to continue to participate, educate, and agitate in your community, because democracy is indeed a participatory, contact sport and you need to suit up.

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